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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Do you long to give up your day job and write full-time?
Maybe you don’t  have a day job but would like to make an income writing from home?

If so, then Naomi Elbinger’s ebook  “HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING FOR THE WEB”   is the book for you . It gives you a complete step by step  guide showing you how make it happen.
 Naomi is the blogger behind the popular business blog, and  blogger-in-chief for a leading Web Development and Marketing Firm, so she has plenty of practical experience to offer newbies and those who are just now  getting their feet wet in the web writing world.


The book is divided into three parts taking the reader point by point through;

1. writing for the web
2.building a career as a web content writer
3.setting up your own blog.

If concepts such as keywords and  S.E.O ( search engine optimization)  make your eyes glaze over and are preventing you from considering this form of writing, don’t worry. Naomi explains them  all in simple, clear language and details  how to write your articles with all these and other web concepts in mind.

Other sections of the book include:
  • Writing exercises.
  • Discussions of the pros and cons of writing for content-mills.
  • Points to consider regarding working freelance or being employed.
  • 7 things  NOT to do if you want to succeed. 
  • How to find jobs before they are advertised
  • Links to many sites  which are hungry for articles which you could write NOW.
  • Checklist for  web writers before submitting any article..
Even if you don’t intend to write for the web, Naomi packs in  a lot of information  that will help you improve your writing for print publications as well, such as:
  • The  types of articles that editors love. 
  • The 4 step formula for writing great articles
  • How to rewrite a not-so-great opening so that it becomes irresistible.
  • How to write amazing attention catching  titles.
This book is pure ‘tachlis’;  practical, hands-on tips, exercises and information. In fact it seems to contain all you need to start a potentially well-paid career as a web-content writer.

Web-writing isn’t a get-rich-quick-while-lying-on-the-couch career.  It will probably  mean leaving your comfort zone and trying things you’ve never tried before

But if you really want to try this profession, are prepared to work hard and  follow the blueprint in this book, you have a great chance  of building a successful new career.

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