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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


When I first started writing non-fiction  I used to think that when I was quoted a rate for an article, it was ‘take it or leave it’.
I was so grateful for being published  that I never queried the rate nor asked for more.

But that attitude isn’t really logical. Some places are offering the same rate per word / article / story now as they were ten years ago.

Would you remain in the same place of work and not apply for a raise in ten years?

There are several way of possibly getting more money for an article and it’s certainly worth trying them.
Don’t worry that  the editor will be so angry that she’ll decide to cancel the assignment – I’ve never heard of that happening.
The worst that can happen is she’ll say NO. But at least you will have tried.

  1. If you have been writing for the publication for some time ask if you can have your rate increased as you have shown that you write consistently well / stick to deadlines / turn in good clean copy that requires minimum editing  etc.

  1. If you can’t have your word rate increased, ask if you can add words by including a useful sidebar. Obviously what you write will depend on the topic of the article.

             Travel – how to get there / fare prices / hotel and restaurant information..
             Parenting – tips on the topic according to the different  ages of  children.
             Food – conversion of cups= grams= ounces / 
                         alternatives for making the food  parev instead of milchik 
  1. Ask for pay for photographs. Sometimes the submissions editor has her hands tied regarding pay rates but is allowed some creative leeway to help her regular writers earn more. When a publication I wrote for reduced their freelance rates ( yes I know it does happen -  I  am   living in   the real word) I asked to be paid extra for the photographs  I supplied and that way  at least I got it back to my old rate.
4. If the publication has a flat rate per article suggest you spread the topic over two articles. When you submit your query you’ll have to show that you have enough material for two articles but, especially with online articles, when readers’ attention span is limited, two articles are often better than one – and you get paid twice.

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  1. I'm really not a business woman. I wouldn't have the chuztpa to ask.